kryssibug (kryssibug) wrote in lost_shippers,


welcome to lost_shippers! so glad you decided to join.

i can't wait to get this started, so everyone pimp out the community! once we hit 20 members, or i get tired of waiting, we'll post challenge #1! :)
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Hey there, kryssibug! I just checked with bailunrui, and we were wondering if you'd like lost_shippers and ccficchallenge to be affiliates with charlie_claire? We'd love to have you aboard! Let me know! And if you have affiliate buttons you'd like us to use, you can post them in a comment or email them to me a msroswellian(at)yahoo(dot)com. :D

I'd <3 to! for both! I'm gonna be making buttons and such, which'll be posted on my website at sometime later'll have buttons for my website...the 2 icontests I run, and the 1 ficontest I run! :)
Awesome! Once you've got them done I'll email them over to bailunrui to post to the User Info page. There are a bunch of really great charlie_claire link buttons on the community front page for you to choose from -- please take your pick! :D