|the lost one| (spokenwhispers) wrote in lost_shippers,
|the lost one|

Challenge 3!

+ your icon must feature two people from lost, in character.
+ your icon has to fit the lj requirements, be 100x100 or less, and 40k or less.
+ your icon must contain at least 3 words from the provided lyrics

Challenge 2 - "When I'm Gone" by Three Doors Down

hold me when i'm here
love me when i'm wrong
hold me when i'm scared
and love me when i'm gone
everything i am
and everything in me
wants to be the one you wanted me to be
i'll never let you down
even if i could
give up everything
if only for your good

icons are due by monday 1/31/05. you may submit up to two icons. if you submit more than one icon, you must have two different ships on the icon!

also; submit your icons in the following format.


Yes/No I would like a banner if I place
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