kryssibug (kryssibug) wrote in lost_shippers,

BIG extension the lack of entries kind of sucks, but I completely and totally understand that this is a very very busy time of year. My favorite time of year, but busy none the less.

So from me to you guys...happy holidays, and stay safe :)

I'm extending the challenge until January 10th. Now I KNOW that is a long time..BUT...things are so hectic for me right now. My brother, sister in law, and their three kids are coming in town for two weeks on Saturday, and then when they leave I'll be heading back to Virginia with them for a week. So, I'll be in and out, won't be spending a LOT of time online like I usually do.

I'll make sure to post reminders, so you can still enter if you haven't.

Stay safe guys, and happy holidays :)

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